Our Women’s Programme

Our women’s team supports women from our targeted communities, including New Communities, in the development of their personal, social, educational and employment skills. This is done through one to one support, the provision of networking events, access to counselling for those affected by domestic abuse, access to community education and accredited courses and for migrant women, access to English classes.  With a focus on empowering women, our women’s programme seeks to ensure that local and national policies include women’s issues and women’s equality.

For more information on our programmes contact

Daniela Naab, Women’s Programme Project Leader: daniela.naab@sspship.ie 

Rafika Kelly, Women’s Development Worker: rafika.kelly@sspship.ie

Marilyn Nyquist, Women’s Education and Development Worker: marilyn.nyquist@sspship.ie

Visit: www.women4women.ie

Capacity Building and Development

The Women’s Programme is designed to support women towards personal growth, education and employment support. Providing a range of modules and supports, it allows for personal & skills development and educational opportunities. Courses and events include Personal Development, Job Seeking Skills, Health & Wellbeing and Arts & Crafts. For a list of current courses click here.

Integration Programme

The women’s programme is committed to supporting migrant women in their integration. The Multicultural Women’s Breakfasts are organised in different parts of the county every 4-6 weeks, bringing together Irish women and migrant women to celebrate, learn and share ideas and food.  English language communication and grammar classes are also offered around the county throughout the year. All other courses of the women’s programme are open to migrant and Irish women.

Women in Leadership

Each spring there will be a basic workshop for women who want to explore Women and Leadership.  After this basic workshop, participants have the opportunity to progress into the Women’s Voice Group. The Women’s Voice Group will allow women to develop their political understanding and will look at engaging with local government processes in order to bring women’s perspectives and voices to the decision-making table.  For more information on the Women in Leadership programme click here.


Supporting Local Community Groups

women4women network dlr

Since the beginning in 2011, women4women network dlr has gone from being a small group of committed, largely voluntary activists to a countywide network reaching hundreds of women. Our work consists of facilitating integration and making women’s voices heard in decision making processes in the county. Supported and hosted by Southside Partnership, the women4women network seeks to ensure that women’s issues are fully integrated in the formulation and conduct of local and national policy.  For more information go to the women4women website:  http://www.women4women.ie


After the Women and Leadership course in 2018/2019 migrant women with multiple language skills were trained as ‘Integration Guides’ to support migrant women living in the county.  
The group decided in 2020 to establish a new information drop-in for migrant women and to form the migrant4migrant group.  They are supported by the Southside Partnership Women’s Programme. More information is available here. 

For more information on the Southside Partnership Women’s Programme, women4women network and migrant4migrant please look at www.women4women.ie