Our Guiding Principles

The values and principles that guide all the work of Southside Partnership DLR are:

Collective action:
Enabling people to work together to identify common realities, so
they can influence, change and exert control over the social, political,

cultural and economic issues that affect their lives.

Building the skills, knowledge and confidence of people to be critical, creative, and active participants and to take more control of their lives, communities and environments.

Social Justice:
Enabling everyone to play an active role in creating the conditions for a just and equal society, through challenging all forms of oppression, discrimination and inequality and advocating for strategies to alleviate the root causes of inequality and disadvantage.

Recognising the value of all members of society and challenging prejudice and discrimination.

Actively involving groups who experience poverty and social exclusion in decision making, planning processes, and action at different levels believing that people have a right to participate in decisions and structures that affect their lives.

Fostering conditions for dialogue and coordinated work, leading to improved understanding of community and agency concerns, and opportunities to create positive differences and influence policy priorities, to meet the needs of the most marginalised.

Leadership and Capacity Building:
Ensuring people experiencing poverty and social exclusion have the opportunity to build their skills and leadership capacities, to play active roles in their communities and actively engage with decision makers.

Innovation and Creativity:
Seeking to respond to deeply entrenched social and economic problems in more innovative and creative ways.