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Southside Community Training Network works closely with community groups and trainees in the design and review of our training programmes. We have a consultative approach to our work and are committed to providing quality, affordable training opportunities for our trainees. Our ethos includes Integrity, Passion, Service Excellence and Flexibility, all of which are ingrained in our day-to-day operations. Over the years these qualities have helped us become trusted partners with those we work with, providing them with the confidence of our ability to deliver quality training programmes.

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Southside Community Training Network provides adult and community education opportunities as well as general skills-focused and occupation specific courses for targeted individuals and communities in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown.


Southside Partnership DLR works closely with a number of partner groups to facilitate access to employment related training for its clients. This training may take the form of short skills based training or longer, more intense, job specific courses.


Healthy Food Made Easy Programme in DLR aims to address inequalities related to food and to improve nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviour through the provision of information and the facilitation of a 6 week course.

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For more information on our Training Network please contact our Co-Ordinator of Southside Community Training Network

Lisa Sieger-Jamison
Phone: 01 706 0100