Youth and Family Supports

Our strategy is one of prevention; we support young people in a number of different ways through group work and one to one supports providing social, sporting, recreational, educational and developmental opportunities.

For further information contact Sandra King 086 2192172 or Natalie Donegan 01-2722613

Grinds Programme

This programme offers junior and leaving certificate students from targeted areas and DEIS schools in DLR.  Contact Sandra King

Cool Dudes Healthy Food Made Easy 

Cool Dudes is a 5-week course which introduces primary school children to nutritional theory and also has a practical cookery element to it too.  

Youth Drop in

Space in Hollyhouse: For further information contact Sandra King   or Natalie Donegan on

Supports to students with learning difficulties 

The project seeks to encourage 2nd level students with a disability -in the form of a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLDs : dyslexia or dyscalculia) – from local disadvantaged communities and DEIS schools to participate in after-school, IADT-based educational programmes. Contact Sandra Campbell 01- 7060100 or

Easter and Summer Projects

Each year our local community centres organise Easter and Summer Camps for children and young people living in the local areas.  Through the year staff also organise Art & Crafts workshops, music workshops, science workshops and football tournaments.  

Contact us to discover more about Southside Partnership youth and family support service.

Sandra King 086 2192172
or Natalie Donegan on 01-2722613